Last November I was invited to participate in a exhibition at Museum of Art History in Lancaster titled, "Dark Progressivism: The Built Enviroment." These are a few film photos from opening night that I captured using my Konica C35 AF2 on Rite Aid 400 brand film. Enjoy!
Curator Rodrigo Ribera d'Ebre taking a look at the installation by artist Joe "Prime" Reza. 
Here is a portrait of L.A. typographer / letterman David "Big Sleeps" Cavazos from the Pico-Union area of Los Angeles. 
My portrait was taken by L.A. photographer Jim McHugh. To be in front of his lens is a real honor. 
Musician / artist Rafael Reyes of the band Prayers was in attendance. 
Joe "Prime" Reza in front of his piece at the opening. 
Even the DJ was having a great time. Cheers!
From left to right, artist Manuel Lopez and Michael Alvarez. 
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